a traditional material with a future

From all of our felt qualities we manufacture felt strips, felt rings, felt discs, felt cuttings and accurate shaped parts according to your requests, sketches or drawings.


for wet and dry media

The production according to customer-specific requirements as well as the use of special materials is one of our specialties!

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Thank you for visiting our website. On the following pages we are glad to present you our extensive product range.

Product news

Fully automatic back-flushing filter

- cooling water
- process water
- wastewater
- water supply systems


Gas-Air-Filter (MLF-series)

In addition to our filters of the GLF-series our product range also includes filters of the MLF-series for smaller volume flows. As well as the GLF-series they are also installed in a closed piping and can be used both on the intake side and on the discharge side.


Gas-Air-Filter (GLF-series)

In addition to our standard cartridges of the GLF-series we developed a new version with NANO-Full-bath finishing.


Fabric Filter Elements

made of 100% polypropylene or 100% polyamide with different adapters, applicable in almost all common filter housings.